Addendum: Professional Women’s Wear Influences Designer Fashions for 2009

Further to my Customer Watch blog posting earlier this week, and lest you think that professional women dress in too conservative and stodgy a manner to be interesting or worthy of notice, comes this report from New York magazine’s online newsletter “The Cut” of December 16:

Renowned American designer Donna Karan is quoted earlier this week as saying: “I just came back from Washington and was affected by the importance of executive women’s dressing, women’s power.” She told the reporter that she had scoped out all the women senators and concluded: “I thought they were beautiful.”

New York magazine adds: “So are punchy pantsuits in her future? We’ll find out in less than ten weeks!” That’s when the 2009 fall collections will debut.

Let me add this question: How will Donna Karan’s power dressing be accessorized on the runway and by real women?

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