Ad It Up: Fage

Recently, JCK’s art director, Todd Gast, and I have been following an intriguing jewelry-related ad campaign running in New York magazine by of all things, a Greek yogurt company. Fage (pronounced Fa’-yeh!), with its first U.S. plant coming to Johnstown, N.Y., in 2008, is ramping up its awareness in the states. Its ads, designed by Ogilvy, feature a product shot prominently placed in the front of the book, with either a Tourneau Safari watch or Honora pearls on the verso with a yogurt impression of said product on the recto, showing just how “ridiculously thick” this yogurt is.

Fage ad campaign, via

The result is advertising genius. With its series feel, I’m waiting to see what Fage will clone next (I hope that wasn’t it!). And what do the jewelry ads have to gain from such a partnership? Well, it had me staring at them longer, comparing and noticing details that I likely would have skipped over.

… So what advertising has NY been running in the back of the book? More jewelry! None other than socialista Fabiola Beracasa’s online estate endeavor, Circa, run by Chris Del Gatto. (Fab, Circa’s creative director, also currently moonlights as a blogger for NY.)

Ad for Circa

Are you experiencing déjà vu? I did too. Witness the June 2006 cover of the dearly departed W Jewelry (R.I.P.).

Cover of W Jewelry, June 2006

I guess Fage, Circa, and W are all on to something: Luxury is a decadent, sumptuous treat made to enjoy. Eat up!

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