Accused diamond thief swallows the goods

A 35-year-old Algonac, Mich., man faces theft charges in connection with a diamond theft that ended with him swallowing at least one precious stone, police said.

Randy Griffen is accused of taking two diamonds worth several thousand dollars from the Jewelry Exchange in Roseville, Mich., Sunday, Dec. 29, Detroit television station WDIV reported. When officers caught up with him they said that he swallowed at least one of the diamonds.

Griffen underwent X-rays which revealed a diamond-shaped object in his body, the WDIV reported. Investigators said that the man claimed the object was a button, then he said it was a fake diamond. He later allegedly admitted that the object was one of the stolen diamonds, investigators said Wednesday.

Roseville District Court Judge Joseph Boedeker appointed a doctor to give Griffen medication that will help him digest the diamonds quickly, Court TV reported.

Two attempts were unsuccessful and police said they continue to monitor the suspect closely, WDIV reported.

An investigator told WDIV that police are waiting for nature to take its course.