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Ms. Bozkurt’s company, Rotaforte, is undertaking still more initiatives to promote Turkish jewelry. Beginning in 2006, the company will hold what is calls “road shows” to bring Turkish companies and their products to markets outside Turkey, with the first destinations scheduled to be New York and Moscow. In addition, a new jewelry magazine is in the works. This new publication will join Gold News magazine, produced by the IKO, on world newsstands. Pointing out that Turkey is strategically situated between East and West with more than a billion people within three hours flight time of Istanbul, the capital, Ms. Bozkurt said it is an ideal distribution hub for the jewelry industry. Istanbul, she declared, “is rapidly becoming a global jewelry superstore.”

On the production side, the big story is the completion of Jewelry City, a closed area complex where 1,500 manufacturing, 700 wholesaling, and 800 retail companies will operate. It is said to be the biggest jewelry manufacturing investment project in the world with an extensive gas and wastewater refinery, also said to be the largest of its kind. Moving in has started, and when completely occupied, it is expected to house some 30,000 individuals involved in the manufacturer of jewelry. It is a project whose real estate value is said to be more than half a billion dollars, entirely financed and owned by the Turkish jewelry sector. It is sure to catapult production capacity to levels that can sustain growth to the targeted five billion dollar annual output, and since it will be equipped with the latest in technology and equipment, the jewelry it produces will remain at the high level that the industry has achieved.