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At the same time, manufacturers will be stepping up their efforts to better establish their brands in the minds of consumers worldwide. This has certainly been visible in publications like this one, which have seen an increase in recent years in the size and frequency of ads featuring designer goods originating in Turkey. But it is likely to be even more pronounced in the future. “The industry is entering a new era, and the vision of that era is branding,” declares Ms. Bozkurt. Similarly, Apler Hazarm vice president of the Istanbul Chamber of Jewelry, states that “from now on, our sector will be producing name brands, generating added value.” He adds that he has “no doubt that this is going to be achieved within a short period of time.”

IKO has notably made Turkey’s presence felt in Italy, the world’s gold jewelry manufacturing leader, by organizing the Gold & Silver Expo, a small trade show featuring Turkish manufacturers. It is held in Vicenza during that city’s own jewelry trade fairs, and IKO claims a visitor count in the thousands. For the January of 2006 show, Mr. Hazar states that 45 manufacturers will be participating in the Gold & Silver Expo.