A Warming Trend: Repeating the Colors of the Eyes

By Cynthia Sliwa


Repeating the color of your eyes in your jewelry or in your clothing can make you appear friendlier and more approachable. If your eyes and skin colors both are very dark, wearing the color of the whites of your eyes can have the same effect. Repetition of color can be a very effective tool to bring attention up to your eyes.


Perhaps it’s easiest to see this effect on someone with bright blue or green eyes. Choosing a similarly hued gemstone can really make those eyes stand out. The effect can be quite stunning.


With the ascendancy of chocolate and cognac-colored diamonds as well as interesting shades of brown gold, it is becoming ever easier to find colors of gemstones and metals that can heighten attention on eyes of brown, hazel or amber hue.


The color brown sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s an earth color associated with service industries. Brown diamonds, perhaps largely due the effect of excellent marketing campaigns, have only recently been rediscovered.


If you can stop looking at the color of the stones based on where they fall on a color chart, and start seeing how they relate to your customers, you may develop a new appreciation for these gems. Don’t let the fact that the stones aren’t light-hued or the metals aren’t bright deter you – color repetition has a demonstrably powerful and

pleasing effect. 


Today’s Jewel

Make it a point to notice the color of your customer’s eyes. Demonstrate to your customer how effective repeating that color can be. You may bring a warm new dimension to your customer’s jewelry wardrobe.

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