A Shiny New Year for Lindsay (a.k.a. Look What the Storch Bought)

After a nice holiday break, it’s good to be back at JCK, where I enjoy my reputation as celebrity enthusiast (well-deserved, as my blog topics attest). Just today, Carrie asked me to write about tiara-designing bachelor competitor Erica Rose, Classified Ad Manager Erica Cohose gave me the news that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake broke up, and Rob left an article on my desk with this juicy blog tip…

An enthusiastic Linsday Lohan was seen ringing in the New Year alongside music producer Scott Storch at Mansion in Miami Beach. What was the cause of her sparkling smile?  Perhaps the diamond necklace, earrings, and ring she sported, worth an estimated $1 million; a holiday present from Storch.

The pair has been romantically linked in the past, and the New York Post quotes an insider saying Storch “has a total crush on [Lindsay].” Can Lohan be wooed by jewels? My guess is yes, but we’ll wait for next week’s tabloids to confirm…

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