(A More Affordable) Fashion Week

Jewelry Television (JTV) is strengthening its presence in the fashion marketplace, keeping up with and setting seasonal trends. We’re more than an on-air and online shopping portal. Our viewers consistently look to us for fashion inspiration, advice and our quality jewelry at unbelievable prices,” explains Natalie Parman, Vice President of Merchandising.

Many of you may be scoffing at Natalie as you read this and you may be thinking that JTV’s products are far beyond anything that you could be brining consumers and that’s your right. Gary Roskin, our resident gemologist, even informed me that the irradiated colored diamonds online are all I2-I3 clarity grades (the lowest possible grades), which you could say is a bit of a rip, but I’m an optimist. 


Say what you will about the quality of some of the pieces sold on JTV, but anything that turns people on to jewelry can’t be all bad.

Look at this way: jewelry (among other things) is supposed to make people feel glamorous and for those who can’t afford the higher-price points JTV fills that need and (we can only hope that) once those consumers get a small taste of the glamour felt by even an I2 or I3 piece that they will educate themselves enough to start investing in some bigger brands that you may carry in your stores. Or not, it is their choice, obviously.


Now, that isn’t to say that JTV is more of a JV jewelry market, their company stats would bury that argument in a second, but rather that it is a good point of entry, for some, into our industry. One simply can’t discount the “feel good” factor of buying your first piece of jewelry, regardless of whether it was over the phone from JTV or over the counter at Cartier and no one should be out to.


If nothing else, you’ve got to give JTV credit for smart marketing; I know that many of you are already secretly planning your Fashion Week promos for next year.


Check out their fall lines for yourself. Featured collections include Nature’s Elements, Colors of Gold, Designer Drama, Designer Statements, and Color Vibe.

Screen grab of the JTV Fall Fashion Week site.