A Blue Indicolite Tourmaline Ring From Richard Krementz Gemstones

Fresh from the workbench at Richard Krementz Gemstones is this African blue Indicolite tourmaline ring. Set in platinum with 18k gold, Krementz actually bought it “around 1990 and it’s been in our vault ever since,” explains creative director Danielle Barber. “We literally rediscovered the stone in our vault last October and seriously doubted it was an Indicolite. We have a large inventory of loose stones and thought we had mixed up the boxes. GIA confirmed it was an Indicolite.”

From Nigeria, the trillion-cut stone weighs 3.05 ct. and is surrounded by 0.55 ct. t.w. diamonds. Debuted to an email base of its 300 customers one month ago, some 30 retailers to date have made inquiries, but no one has yet to buy the piece, which will retail for $19,500.

“Right now it’s in Tennessee—a store called it in for a customer—then it’s headed to Florida, then to Texas, and then somewhere in California,” adds Barber.

Indicolite tourmaline from Richard Krementz Gemstones

A 3.05 ct. Indicolite tourmaline is set in platinum and 18k gold with 0.55 ct. t.w. diamonds; $19,500