6 Ways to Improve Vacation Jewelry Sales

Many vacation travelers purchase new outfits before going on vacation, but the same can’t be said of vacation jewelry, which is often bought at stores located in the destination. From my research, this is a cost that is not identified in a traveler’s analysis of what it costs to vacation. How many of your customers vacation and plan to shop for jewelry or will make impromptu jewelry purchases while on vacation? How many sales are you missing by not marketing pre-vacation jewelry to your loyal customers before they go on vacation? Here are six tips to help sell more jewelry to your customers before they leave town.

1. Recognize your customers are spending big bucks on vacations. Recent studies report almost half of all affluent consumers plan to travel in 2012 and more than 30 percent plan to spend more on travel in 2012 as compared to 2011. Four out of five travelers will spend at least $3,000 on vacations in 2012 and nearly one in five will spend $10,000 or more on travel.

2. Prompt pre-vacation fashion conversations. Why not track some of the hot new fashions in casual wear by the brands your targeted customers prefer? Are you tracking and recording each customer’s fashion brand preferences and entering the data into your customer management contact system? Be a fashion information source and send out marketing communication messages that get your customers thinking about what they will be buying to wear while on vacation. Why not offer some jewelry to complement some of the outfits? This is niche marketing at its finest!

3. Improve search engine optimization by using travel and vacation terms. Two out of three consumers now search the internet to plan their next vacation. Repurpose those fashion messages that propose what to wear on vacation and what jewelry to use to accessorize the outfits with landing pages to increase web site traffic. Review how your site encourages online transaction exchanges and provides the right stimuli for local customers to visit your store.

4. Marketing pre-vacation jewelry to specific customers can be done year round. Seventy-five percent of vacation travelers plan a vacation within six months of traveling. That means your efforts to appeal to vacation travelers to purchase jewelry before they go on vacation can be an ongoing year round marketing campaign. Don’t miss out on pre-vacation jewelry sales.

5. Change customer opinions about where to purchase vacation jewelry. Sell the reliability and services available to your customers when they buy jewelry from you. Don’t be negative about others selling jewelry to vacationers (on cruise boats, destination locations, etc.) but do sell the uncertainty of buying jewelry from unknown sources and the certainty that they will not be putting themselves at risk by buying jewelry from your store. If you have testimonials from customers who made mistakes by buying jewelry while on vacation, consider using them. Create doubt around the notion of not buying from a proven and trusted source.

6. Use event marketing. Plan an in-store event to promote vacations, fashion, and fashion accessories and jewelry to really validate the reasons why customers need to purchase pre-vacation jewelry. Repurpose the event on the website. Gain more free publicity by offering press releases of the event to local newspapers.

With more competition than ever before, jewelry marketers need to develop new and more compelling reasons for why consumers should buy their jewelry. Too many local jewelry stores are losing sales by not selling pre-vacation jewelry for their customers to wear during upcoming vacations. Become an important fashion source of information to your customers by helping them complete the new outfits they plan to wear on vacation, and in the process create new sales for your store.

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