6 Jewelry Designers Rocking JCK Marketplace

One of the best things about JCK Las Vegas, and about JCK Marketplace, is how easy it is to discover new designers. Whether they’re up-and-comers in the industry or just new to you, these talented jewelers are working on exciting things. I get lost in the world of JCK Marketplace on a daily basis, in awe of the creativity I find there. Below, take a look at some of my favorite designers on Marketplace. Some are just breaking into the industry; others I have only recently become aware of. Regardless, they all have one very important thing in common: They’re absolutely rocking the jewelry world.


Lika Behar

Lika Behar's Turquoise necklace

Istanbul-born Lika Behar creates remarkable pieces inspired by ancient jewelry. With an affinity for oxidized silver, Lika’s creations embody old world charm with a modern twist. My personal favorite is this turquoise pendant, beautifully accented with 24k gold and surrounded by diamonds.



Khushboo's Diamond Earrings

Designer Khushboo Lakhi has mastered the concept of wearable art with an array of stylish pieces. Many of the jewels feature diamond slices in asymmetrical designs that are just so exceptional, I feel I have to own one for myself. Case in point: these amazing earrings, crafted with 22.66 cts. t.w. diamonds. A girl could definitely get used to wearing something like this!



Goshwara's Tassel Earrings

Goshwara may not be new to the party here, but designer Sweta Jain’s creations came across my radar only recently. One visit to her showroom, and you’ll be stunned by the amazing array of color in every design. It’s impossible not to feel cheerful when looking at Jain’s bright, sunny jewels, and these tassel earrings are no exception.


Lauren Harper

Lauren Harper's Sapphire Princess Earrings

Designer Lauren Harper is about as sweet as they come, and her timeless designs are just as lovely. She told me these rose-cut sapphire earrings are often referred to as the “Kate Middleton” earrings, and I can certainly see why. Can’t you see the Duchess herself wearing these to her next event?


Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor's Color Candy bangles

Another showroom with no shortage of color, Jane Taylor’s pieces are bright, lively, and youthful. These Color Candy bangles are sure to gain some fans (the mother of yours truly positively raved about them!) and will stand the test of time for years to come.


Nada G

Nada G's Uma Rose ring

JCK Rising Star Nada Ghazal has a serious eye for design. Her Marketplace showroom is loaded with rich, imaginative pieces that you aren’t likely to spot in many other places. This Uma Rose ring is a standout, made from 18k yellow gold with rose petals dotted in diamonds. 


Who are your favorite JCK Marketplace designers? I’d love to hear from you!


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