5 Spectacular Sapphire Pinterest Boards

It’s no secret that Instagram is my preferred social channel—more often than not, it’s the one discussed on this blog. But I take for granted how useful a tool Pinterest is, even if it doesn’t seem to be quite the time-consuming obsession it used to be. It’s where I save all of my recipes, home decorating ideas, fashion inspiration, and, of course, favorite jewels.

I’m a terrible “re-pinner”—most of my content comes directly from other websites. I often forget that there is a wealth of industry Pinterest users to seek out, enjoying the boards they have so expertly put together. So here’s a reminder for myself—for all of us—to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole every now and again, starting with these fab five sapphire boards, just perfect for September.

Super Sapphires Pinterest

Superb Sapphires, Lang Antiques

Sapphire Pinterest board

Sapphire, Cheryl Kremkow

Sapphire Spectacular Pinterest board

Sapphire Spectacular, Carelle

Blueberry Sapphire Pinterest boardBlueberry Sapphire, 2018 Gem of the Year, Le Vian

Happy Birthday September Pinterest board

Happy Birthday September!; Stuller