5 Incredibly Cool Retail Store Designs

We write a lot about the importance of creating a delightful in-store consumer experience at JCK—and for good reason!

Shoppers can now purchase every product under the sun online, so brick-and-mortar retailers need to focus like lasers on the reasons shoppers might want to jettison themselves off their sofas and mosey into their store.

Crucial to a positive in-store experience is thoughtful and evocative interior design, which the following international boutiques have in spades. Notice that in each store, the design features are almost more eye-catching than the product sitting on or near them.

ShopWithMe pop-up store in Chicago
ShopWithMe, a pop-up store in Chicago designed by Giorgio Borruso Design, is a technologically advanced, interactive space within a 3,000-square-foot mobile structure (courtesy of Giorgio Borruso Design).

Krons watch boutique Stockholm
The airy, elegant Krons watch boutique in Stockholm (courtesy of Krons)

Zenith store exterior by Span Design Studio Zenith store interior by Span Design Studio
A thoughtfully designed store for Australian fashion retailer Zenith, designed by Span Design Studio (courtesy of Span Design Studio)

Gentle Monster eyewear boutique China
The amazing Gentle Monster eyewear boutique in Chengdu, China—the machine in the middle moves! (courtesy of the Gentle Monster)

Do-Do-store in Shanghai
The Do-Do-store in Shanghai, designed by Taipei Base Design Center (courtesy of Taipei Base Design Center)

(Top: An earlier incarnation’s of Chinese eyewear boutique, Gentle Monster; courtesy of the company)

JCK Magazine Editor