4 Hot Trends From JCK Las Vegas

Though I had certain expectations about what trends would jump out from the showcases at JCK Las Vegas, there is always room for surprises—and there were quite a few. Some trends are predictable, which is necessary since our industry is answering market demands (and in spectacular fashion, too). But there are others that seem completely new—or resurgent—and are just on the cusp of megastardom.

The four trends highlighted here are to some extent both: The first two, oft-discussed, are still very hot, in-demand looks. The second two are a bit more under-the-radar, but rapidly coming to light. All four trends are worth taking seriously for next season’s collections, though; any retailer would do well to get a stock list rich with the jewels you’re about to see. Here’s what made the most waves in Vegas.

Stacking Rings (Again)

I was honestly ready to cross stackables off the list of must-haves for the time being—but then Vegas happened. It seems there is life in the pint-size bands yet, and there are some really good options to boot. I must remind myself that not every area of the country (or world) seeks to emulate the same style, and consumers are finding new ways to utilize the stackers. Some still pile them on in groups, others wear them alone or as wedding bands, and still others—perhaps in the most current fashion—wear a single ring on a pinky finger.

Ring assortment with rose-cut and round diamonds, prices vary; Parade Design



Pink Engagement Rings

Are millennials getting engaged in Millennial Pink? It would appear so, at least based on the growing assortment of bridal designs featuring pink center stones that were spotted on the show floor. Most prominently, jewelers are working with morganite, a peachy-pink beauty that won’t necessarily break the bank. But there was a range of other gems, too, from Omi’s padparadscha sapphires to kunzite and even pink diamonds (definitely not your budget option).

Noam Carver House collection in 14k rose gold with 1.25 ct. morganite and 0.76 ct. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Crown Ring

Engagement ring in 18k rose gold with 1 ct. morganite, 1.08 cts. t.w. pink sapphires, and 0.4 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,729; Beverley K

Ring with padparadscha sapphire and diamonds, price on request; Omi Privé

Engagement ring with pink diamond, price on request; Rahaminov


Chunky, Masculine Rings

I struggled to find words when describing the pieces I saw that fit this category, not wanting to use the word masculine for fear of offending or inaccurately grasping what a designer was going for. But the term masculine in my mind comes from the fact that this range of rings reminds me a lot of a ring my grandfather used to wear—and I look upon the silhouette very fondly. Thick, geometric styles with large center stones, angular borders (like baguette diamonds), and wide shanks were a theme, and one I hope to see plenty more of as a true style centerpiece in any customer’s collection.

Gemstone rings, prices on request; Parade Design

Rings; Omi Privé

Ring, price on request; Dallas Prince Designs


Wonder Woman Armor

Let me preface this by saying that no, I do not think the wildly popular Wonder Woman film inspired these pieces—but I do think they’re going to benefit from its popularity and probably spawn more varieties. Armor-like bracelets and rings (with a focus on the bracelets, the heroine’s signature piece) were widely seen on my show floor travels. There’s definitely something to be said about how powerful you can feel when you’re wearing a regal, armor-like piece on your wrist(s), and I very much look forward to seeing this look grow and grow.

Valore collection ring and bracelet in sterling silver with CZ, $225 to $475; Belle Étoile

Star ring in yellow gold with oval diamond, price on request; Rahaminov

Snake and Apple cuff bracelet in 22k gold leaf, $378; Évocateur

Cuff bracelet with removable Swarovski Crystal clip, price on request; Les Georgettes (Also at top)

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