2009 AGS Shipley Award Winners Announced


The American Gem Society named Charles and Ellen Lacy, owners of Lacy & Co., El Paso, Texas, as winners of the 2009 Robert M. Shipley Award. The pair was honored during a luncheon at this year’s AGS Conclave, held in early April.

“Members like Charles and Ellen are the lifeblood of this organization,” said Ruth Batson, executive director and CEO of AGS, in a press statement.

The annual award is given to a member for his or her service to the organization, ideals, and contributions to gemology. Charles and Ellen Lacy each have served the AGS in leadership positions.

The Lacys say it was a great honor to be recognized. “I’ve always considered [the AGS Shipley Award] to be the highest [jewelry industry] award you can receive,” she confided to JCK in a phone interview.

The Lacys experienced another surprise once their names were announced and they started walking up to the stage to receive their award: “My oldest grandson came barreling through the door [into the room] and [Charles and I] were floored,” she said. “We were really surprised, we had no idea that [our kids and grandkids] were within a couple thousand miles.” In fact, two children from Houston and Boston flew in just for the award ceremony, in addition to five grandchildren ages four through nine.

A final bonus “I didn’t do anymore classes that afternoon, and took the grandkids to the Sears Tower,” she added.

For more information about AGS, please call (866) 805-6500, or visit them online at www.americangemsociety.org.

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