13 Garnet Jewels to Honor January (and Marsala!)

There couldn’t be a better gemstone to kick off 2015. Sure, garnet being January’s birthstone is not about to change, but it’s particularly exceptional right now, given Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala, which matches garnet at its most recognizable; that rusty, wine-like shade of red.


Gemco Designs natural garnet strand necklace

Gemco Designs



Ed Levin garnet silver Bridesmaid earrings

Ed Levin Jewelry





WYS Jewelry large garnet shaker pendant

WYS Jewelry


That aforementioned earthy red hue may be what comes to mind first when one thinks of garnet, or maybe not; the gesmtone comes in a wide variety of shades, like fiery orange, electric and nearly emerald green, yellow, and even purpleish pink. I’d go so far as to say tsavorite garnet ranks among one of my favorite stones now, its green shade so alluring. I’m not alone; 2014 saw notable use of tsavorite, and I’m excited to see what this new year will bring.



La Corza garnet trio Cactus ring

La Corza by Sabo Designs



SilverMasterpiece radiant cut garnet pendant




Sutra red and rose-cut cocktail ring



Pinspiration: Our Marsala Board on Pinterest



Supreme Jewelry green garnet and diamond ring

Supreme Jewelry



Omi Prive rose gold cushion spessartite ring

Omi Privé


Garnet also happens to be the noted gift for second anniversaries. New marriages, take note! The gemstone said to symbolize purity, faithfulness, and truth, would make a beautiful gift to celebrate a marriage, and the stone is just as alluring in men’s jewelry as it is in women’s.



Tamir Mandarin garnet convertible ring-pendant



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Stuller rhodolite garnet nest earrnigs




Thistle Bee garnet Burlap stacking ring

Thistle & Bee


Did you know that garnet’s name is derived from the Greek word granatum, meaning pomegranate seed? I think it’s quite appropriate, as some of the stones really do look like the sweet little treats—so yummy! I’m calling it: January may be the month of garnet, but I think, in 2015, garnet will claim its year.



Rina Limor rhodolite garnet Petali earrings

Rina Limor



MARC rhodolite leaf pendant



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