11 Jewelry Instagrams by Nonjewelry People

It’s one of the best worlds you can be absorbed in, one with jewelry. I do it by writing about trends based on styles I see most often; I use press materials from designers and manufacturers, peruse blogs (both jewelry and non), and of course spend way too much time on Instagram. While I follow plenty of jewelers on the social platform, there’s a big mix of others in there, too. My hobbies outside the jewelry world (does this sound like a resume or dating profile to you, too?) include plenty of travel, food, soccer, and—a surprise to no one—anything Disney-related. The Instagram accounts I follow reflect that. Rounding out the “other” category is a handful of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, many of whom you could argue are pretty tuned-in to the jewelry world; some are even paid to post about jewelry. But when two worlds collide and I get a good glimpse of jewelry on one of those other accounts, now that is a joy. Because you can see the jewelry industry’s influence—that of every single person who works in it—translating to the real world (well, sort of—see previous note about bloggers’ sponsored posts).

TL;DR: So basically this is my long-winded way of saying sometimes people who aren’t strictly jewelry designers or bloggers post photos of jewelry. And it’s pretty cool. Here are the latest to get my double tap.


parkncube Instagram | JCK Social Setting

The backlace: It’s still very much a thing. (@parkncube)

chelseapetaja Instagram | JCK Social Setting

I spy turquoise rings! (@chelseapetaja)

glossier Instagram | JCK Social Setting

Wow, are the ’90s ever back or what? (@glossier)

blaireandiebee Instagram | JCK Social Setting

My thoughts on ruffles still apply, but those earrings are wickedly fun. (@blairadiebee)

alexinwanderland Instagram | JCK Social Setting

I’d really like a closer look at this golden ring/bracelet combo. (@alexinwanderland)

garypeppergirl Instagram | JCK Social Setting

I’m really into those layered pendants. (@garypeppergirl)

edibledc Instagram | JCK Social Setting

I see that Cartier bracelet. And I’m suddenly craving avocado toast. (@edibledc)

sincerelyjules Instagram | JCK Social Setting

Don’t discount the impact of a single pinky ring. (@sincerelyjules)

lunaticatlarge Instagram | JCK Social Setting

Don’t be distracted by the delicious spread—focus on that onyx ring. (@lunaticatlarge)

bonnietsang Instagram | JCK Social Setting

This ring looks like a magic trick. (@bonnietsang)

itallstartedwithamouse71 Instagram | JCK Social Setting

Alex + Ani, Disney style. (@itallstartedwithamouse71)

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