10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories: Week of Aug. 12

A roundup of JCK‘s top stories from the past week.

12 Year Old Unearths 5 Carat Brown Diamond at Arkansas Park

Boy Scout Michael Dettlaff of Apex, N.C., hit the jackpot on July 31 when he discovered a 5.16 ct. brown stone at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Ark.

Apple Smartwatch Could Hurt Watch Business, Study Finds

If Apple releases an iWatch, it might take market share from the traditional watch business, a new study from the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council finds.

Pandora’s U.S. Revenue Rises 55 Percent

Charm manufacturer Pandora Group announced sales in the U.S. increased some 55 percent over the last year.

Scott Kay Appoints Ex–David Yurman Vet as CEO

David Minster, the former chief operating officer of David Yurman, will become CEO of well-known jewelry company Scott Kay.

Rare Colored Diamond Collection Displayed in Los Angeles

The popular Lady Heart Diamond Collection will now be on display at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County until the end of November.

Lab Finds New Batch of Undisclosed Synthetics

The Analytical Gemology & Jewelry lab said it recently took in a batch of diamonds, later determined to be synthetic, that had not been identified as such.

10 Bob Dylan Songs That Reference Diamonds and Jewelry

“Diamond Joe” is one of many Bob Dylan songs that feature diamond and jewelry references. Check out the nine others that made our list.

Quiz: Guess the Celebrity Engagement Ring

From traditional engagement rings to standout sparklers, test your pop culture knowledge with this multiple-choice quiz.

2013 Teen Choice Awards Showcases Millennial Style, Fads, and Shopping Power

Millennial starlets stayed out past curfew and stepped out in fashion this weekend to celebrate the 2013 Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 11.

Gmail, Inboxes, and the Jewelry Business

Gmail’s recent change in how email is organized could be quite important for people who do marketing in this industry.

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