10-ct. Enhanced Fancy Pink Diamond Goes on the Block during ICA Congress

Sundance Diamonds said it will place its 10.09-ct. enhanced diamond, called the “Provo Rose,” in the Tzoffey’s 1818 auction taking place during the International Colored Gemstone Association Congress in Dubai. The diamond, which the company says is the largest fancy intense or vivid color enhanced pink in the world, will go on the block May 9.  

“The Provo Rose is one of the most beautiful pink diamonds I have ever seen,” said Avner Sofiov, President of Tzoffey’s 1818. “Fancy intense pink diamonds are exceptionally rare, whether made by Mother Nature or enhanced by Sundance Diamonds. We think there will be a lot of interest from collectors and dealers.”

The natural diamond was transformed last year to a permanent fancy vivid pink color using advanced high pressure high temperature and other technology developed by Sundance Diamonds.

“To our knowledge this is the first time an enhanced diamond has been brought to auction,” said Russ Myers, Sundance Diamonds manager.

The Provo Rose, unveiled at the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas 2006, is a classic 58-facet round diamond with VS2 clarity. It is set in a platinum pendant surrounded by 0.77 cts. of diamond. The Gemological Institute of America graded the “Provo Rose” as a “fancy orangey pink with an even saturation of color, and good polish and symmetry,” the company said.

The Tzoffey’s 1818 auction will feature a collection of diamonds, precious stones, and jewelry and is expected to attract attendance from throughout the Dubai area. The ICA Congress takes place May 6-9. 

Tzoffey’s 1818 is a privately owned auction house holding auctions worldwide and specializing in diamonds, precious stones, and rare jewelry. Tzoffey’s 1818 has organized auctions in Paris, Basel, Hong Kong, the U.S., and Colombia.