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JCK Magazine

February 2015

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Issue Highlights
Why Bridal Jewelry Retailers Are Getting Personal
Let the Four C’s fall where they may: Today’s most compelling and progressive bridal retailers place a premium on personalized service
How Stone Fox Bride Creative Director Molly Guy Helps Brides Tell Their Stories
Millennial brides are besotted with Stone Fox Bride creative director Molly Guy’s laid-back style, ultrapersonalized service, and storytelling savvy
Personalization and Customization Make Modern Weddings Affairs to Remember
Modern wedding ceremonies are casual, customized, connected—and wholly unconventional.
Flash Dance: The Opal Resurgence
The bounty of opals streaming out of Ethiopia has turned the tide for the gem. Once considered unlucky, it’s now a designer favorite for its availability, still-affordable pricing, and flickering play of color.
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