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A Picture (of Jewelry) Is Worth a Thousand Words

Or, words are currently failing me

How is it that I manage to catch each and every strand of cold on earth? As I’ve gotten older, it can almost be guaranteed that if someone around me is suffering from the common cold or flu, I soon will be, too. This time it has attacked my mind—I’m mixing up my words in a mishmash of mush. Do you know what a spoonerism is? I just learned: It’s when you accidentally switch the first letters or sounds of two words. For example: I should go and shake a tower really means, I should go and take a shower (and, I should). It’s actually pretty funny, but it can get a tad bit frustrating when it just. Keeps. Happening. And as a writer, putting words together is something I rely on to, well, live. But thankfully today, I don’t need a whole lot of words—I have pictures. Pictures of some super amazing jewels that, just as they don’t need me to drone on and on about how amazing they are, will speak for themselves pretty darn well in your store, too. Thank goodness for these beauties today—I’ll let them do the bulk of the talking while I go and nap.

Gumuchian Panther necklace | JCK On Your Market

Panther necklace in yellow gold with 240 cts. t.w. carnelian beads, 20 ct. green tourmaline, and fancy yellow and white diamonds, price on request; Gumuchian


Omi Privé opal ring | JCK On Your Market

Ring in platinum and black rhodium with 13.46 ct. Australian Lightning Ridge black opal, 2.2 cts. t.w. sapphire, 0.61 ct. t.w. tsavorite, and 0.49 ct. t.w. diamonds, $160,000; Omi Privé


Piaget Summer Crush necklace | JCK On Your Market

Sunny Side of Life collection Summer Crush necklace in 18k rose gold with 7.84 ct. Mozambique paraiba tourmaline, 1.64 cts. t.w. pink sapphires, 0.96 ct. t.w. blue tourmaline, and 1.84 cts. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Piaget


Alison Antelman Metropolis bracelet | JCK On Your Market

Metropolis bracelet in oxidized silver and 18k and 22k gold with vesuvianite and tourmaline, price on request; Alison Antelman


Amrapali Sadabahar Evergreen necklace | JCK On Your Market

Sadabahar Evergreen necklace in yellow and white gold with rubies and emeralds, price on request; Amrapali

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