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Brenda Smith’s Celebration Earrings in 14k White Gold With Tourmaline

By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor

Posted on February 24, 2012

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July 4th fireworks take place in celebration of America’s Independence Day, and in the case of Woodstock, Ga.–based jewelry designer Brenda Smith of Brenda Smith Jewelry, it was the pyrotechnics during a neighborhood block party that inspired a new earring design.

Smith’s Celebration earrings in 14k white gold with tourmaline, diamonds, and garnet were on display for the first time during the AGTA GemFair Tucson 2012. Similar styles (with pearls) have already been snapped up by the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City, but other merchants are sure to buy as well considering their reactions at the show: “The response that everyone gave was pretty much ‘Wow!’” says the artist. Two stores—one from British Columbia, Canada, and the other from a state in the Northwest—wanted to buy them on the spot; the pair could also appear in upcoming high-profile events thanks to the interest of stylists shopping the fair for celebrity clients. Plus, word is that Sharon Osbourne will be wearing the pearl version during an episode of this season’s America’s Got Talent.

Smith says it takes a week and a half of casting, hand-forging, and laser-soldering to make a pair, which also comes in smaller sizes. The earrings garnered great interest in the Cultured Pearl Association of America’s recently held second annual International Pearl Design Contest, and a similar version were on display at JCK Las Vegas 2011 at the CPAA booth. This pair retails for $13,000.

Brenda Smith 18k white gold tourmaline Celebration 

Celebration Colors earrings in 14k white gold have 47 cts. t.w. multi-colored tourmaline, 1.9 cts. t.w. garnet, and 0.16 ct. t.w. diamonds; $13,000

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