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Kickstarter Watch: LIV Watches Crowdsources More Than $1 Million

The affordable Swiss watches are a hit

LIV Watches, which sells affordable Swiss watches, has raised $1.1 million during the course of its latest Kickstarter campaign.

LIV launched its first product, the Genesis X1, on Kickstarter in 2014. The campaign reached its $30,000 goal within 11 hours of debuting. By the end of the 30-day campaign, the company had made $191,000 in sales, selling more than 500 pieces.

The latest campaign, which features the GX1-A Swiss Automatic limited edition, was fully funded within the first 34 minutes. By the end of the campaign, more than 2,000 backers had pledged $1.1 million. The watches are now available for preorder on IndieGoGo

Forbes talked to LIV cofounder and brand manager Esti Chazanow about the brand’s appeal: “We have a grass-roots fan base, which started with our first campaign with the GX1 Swiss watch. People love the direct-to-consumer microbrand–they are drawn to the independent watch brand that they can have a direct connection with.”

(Photo courtesy of LIV Watches)

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