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Gucci Jewelry Shines in ‘American Hustle’

Italian luxury brand Gucci is practically synonymous with 1970s glamour. The labels bold, curvaceous gold jewelry, in particular, helped define the look of the sleek-and-sexy disco era. So the high-profile presence of Gucci pieces in American Hustle, the new David O. Russell film about a con-artist couple in 1970s New Jersey, makes perfect sense. 

Amy Adams bedecked in Gucci jewelry in
American Hustle(photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment).  

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson dressed flame-haired actress Amy Adams in a host of signature Gucci pieces, including an 18k yellow gold horse-bit necklace, earrings, and bracelet. High-heeled Gucci loafers and the house’s iconic Bamboo Lady Lock handbag also feature prominently in the film.

“When I dressed Amy Adams for American Hustle, Gucci was a natural choice,” said Wilkinson in a statement. “What better label to capture the sophistication and glamour of New York in the late 1970s? Her horse-bit jewelry immediately shows the audience that Amy’s character is both elegant and sexy.”

Adams plays Sydney Prosser, a con artist forced to work with the FBI. The film, which opened this week, is nominated for six Golden Globe awards, including a Best Actress nod for Adams’ performance.  

“Amy is a real Gucci woman,” Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, said in a statement. “[She’s] sensual, elegant, intelligent, and full of life—and this comes across on-screen. It’s great to see Gucci worn with this attitude, as it really epitomizes the essence of the label.” 

Amy Adams in Gucci earrings and the Bamboo Lady Lock bag in “American Hustle” (photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment).  

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