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Cerulean Blue Jewels: The 2000 Pantone Color of the Year

Take a jewelry journey through the past 14 years of Pantone’s Color of the Year.

“Lifestyle movements suggest that consumers will be seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfillment in the new millennium. This is a paradoxical time in which we are heading toward an uncertain, yet exciting, future and also looking back, trying to hold on to the security of the past. In this stressful, high-tech era, we will be searching for solace and Cerulean Blue produces the perfect calming effect.”
—Pantone press release, 1999

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Beaudry International chalcedony scroll ring

Beaudry International chalcedony scroll ring

Carl K Gumpert aqua charm hoop earrings

Carl K. Gumpert aqua charm hoop earrings

Simon Golub & Sons blue topaz ring

Simon Golub & Sons blue topaz ring

Russell Jones blue topaz slice earrings

Russell Jones blue topaz slice earrings

United Gemco aqua and sapphire ring

United Gemco aquamarine and sapphire ring


Thistle & Bee chalcedony bamboo bangle

Thistle & Bee chalcedony bamboo bangle

Lauren K aqua slice jewelry

Lauren K aqua slice jewelry


Silver Stars Collection multi-stone blue ring

Silver Stars Collection multi-stone blue ring


Color Merchants aquamarine stud earrings

Color Merchants aquamarine stud earrings


Le Vian Sea Blue Aquamarine ring

Le Vian Chocolatier Sea Blue Aquamarine ring


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