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Britt’s Pick: Frederic Duclos’ Deceptively Decadent Design

Welcome to Britt’s Pick, a new weekly feature on my blog, On Your Market. Each Tuesday, I’ll select an eye-catching piece from JCK Marketplace and tell you a bit about it. Of course, with jewels this beautiful, the pictures do most of the talking.

Frederic Duclos pearl lariat

A visit to Frederic Duclos on JCK Marketplace will impress anyone looking for affordable yet out-of-the-ordinary designs. These aren’t just any sterling silver pieces—they’re inexpensive, yes, but possess such opulent design elements, you wouldn’t know it. “The piece looks so rich, it doesn’t matter that it isn’t expensive in price,” says Karen Duclos, president of Frederic Duclos. This piece showcases strands of sterling silver and ruthenium, which join together lariat-style and end with gray and white freshwater pearls that add 3 inches to the 16-inch design. At a suggested retail price of $298, this truly is a no-brainer for your sterling silver collection!

To see more of Frederic Duclos’ sterling designs, visit JCK Marketplace.

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