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The Primitives: Fossils, Horns, and Teeth

By Cynthia Sliwa

Posted on October 29, 2012

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Nature’s generosity is apparent in jewelry styles this season. Designs incorporating rocks and stones are receiving plenty of editorial attention. So, too, are those that incorporate remnants of animals such as fossils, horns, and teeth.

The November 2012 issue of Lucky calls the style statement “prehistoric chic”:  “Sophisticated detailing gives these primitive artifacts a modern polish.” Pictured are a bangle of 14k rose gold, diamonds, and mammoth-ivory by Sydney Evan; a black diamond fossil megalodon shark tooth necklace by Sticks & Stones; shark tooth and garnet earrings from Dezso by Sara Beltran; an antler and 10k gold bracelet from Renee Garvey Jewelry; an orthoceras fossil ring from Charles Albert; a set of Kora horn and recycled brass bangles; a fossilized shark tooth, diamond bead, and 14k gold necklace from Elisa Solomon Jewelry; a Gucci horn and sterling silver horse-bit ring; and a trilobite, sterling silver, and 14k gold cuff by Melissa Joy Manning.


Continuing the theme, a page from  the November 2012 table of contents in Lucky stacks a number of necklaces with prehistoric chic: an orthoceras necklace form Charles Albert, ivory bone and fossil necklaces from Heather Gardner, and a megalodon shark tooth necklace from Charles Albert.


The November 2012 issue of Elle highlights designers to watch, including Dezso: “Globe-trotting Mexico native Sara Beltran’s seaside objets trouves meet gleaming gold and diamond accents.” Pictured are the white shark tooth and garnet earrings also seen in Lucky, along with an ammonite and polki diamond cuff, a diamond necklace, and a gold shark fin and polki diamond cuff, all from Dezso by Sara Beltran.

Saluting warrior princess style, the August 2012 issue of Marie Claire reports that “fall is all about primal instincts.” The model wears a shark’s tooth necklace from Sticks & Stones layered over a link necklace by Stephen Dweck, accompanied by a pair of rings also from Stephen Dweck. The jacket, vest, and skirt are from Hermés.

A shark’s tooth is also the accent on a necklace of shagreen beads from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci pictured in this spread from the September 2012 issue of Marie Claire.

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