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Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

By Rob Bates, News Director

Posted on May 4, 2012

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This week …  Goodbye Charlie! What does Taylor’s conviction mean for the industry—and Naomi Campbell? (Seriously, there are articles about what Taylor’s trial means for Naomi Campbell) … J.C. Penney: New Apple, or new Sears?… Plus, go Gemologist! … All below …


Richline announces purchase of Inverness, LeachGarner


Gold price sees three month drop, first since 2001.


DTC sight estimated at $520 million.

- Chaim Even-Zohar: De Beers doing new strategic review. ($)

- Polished prices stable in April, agree IDEX and Rapaport.


My thoughts on HRD and past grading scandals


More layoffs at J.C. Penney

- “Turning into Sears?”

- Launching Cosmopolitan magazine jewelry line


Sears trying to “transform business.”


Graff seeking Hong Kong IPO.

- Gets go-ahead.


“Many” interested buyers for Rio’s diamond mines.

- Diavik reaches mining “milestone.”


Section on diamonds in Charles Taylor verdict.

- U.S. lauds conviction.

- Prosecutor seeks 80-year sentence.

- Naomi Campbell’s evidence “crucial.”  (If true, that was a weak case.)

- Avi Krawitz: Taylor’s legacy.

- My thoughts: Why Taylor’s conviction matters.


U.S. diplomat says Botswana diamond “hopefully coming soon.”


Edahn Golan: Industry needs to “lead change.”


Hermés wins $100 million counterfeiting judgment.


Judge voids Illinois Internet sales tax law.


Botswana’s diamond exports recover.


Diamond transport accident in Zimbabwe.


Diamonds International boss responds to anti-Semitic comment.

- Background.


Birks and Mayors now accepting Asian credit cards.


Kanye West and Jacob the Jeweler (who West name-checked in song) make chain.


New video game talks about bribing U.N. diamond inspectors.


Does Angelina hate her ring? No, says Gossip Cop!

- Jolie’s jeweler sues Perez Hilton for libel.


Industry roots for horse named Gemologist in Kentucky Derby.


From the Blog:

Why Charles Taylor’s “Blood Diamond” Conviction Matters

Another Diamond Grading Scandal?!


Have a great weekend …


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