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Amy Roper Lyons and Pat Pruitt Come Out on Top at the Couture Awards

Start with The Couture Awards Highlight American Couture Jewelry Designers.

In her own words, Andreasen created the Couture Awards because “I wanted to create an event where we as the American jewelers could create the best of the best and be seen as that, and be acknowledged for out work and our effort.”

To that end, two awards were given, for Design in Gold and Silver and Design in Alternative Metals, to Amy Roper Lyons of New Jersey and Pat Pruitt of New Mexico, respectively. The event also included a public sale at the Pratt Manisons.

The two winners, Amy Roper Lyons and Pat Pruitt, were on hand to discuss the inspiration behind their submissions. 

Amy Roper Lyons: “My current series of work is based on marine life especially more unusual sea creatures, jellyfish, nautilus, sea anemones. I really am drawn to them because they have such beautiful colors and really graceful forms. I was first drawn to this series because we spent a year living in Ireland on the sea coast and we would take walks on the beach.” 

Hermit Crab Pin/Pendant available in 18k and 24k gold with enamels and diamonds, by Amy Roper Lyons.

Pat Pruitt: “I wanted to create a line of men’s jewelry, because when you got to jewelry shows and you’re shopping there’s very little to nothing for men that’s really cool and that’s really where my main focus is.” 

Eternal Bond rings made with stainless steel, industrial diamonds and fine silver, by Pat Pruitt.

Twenty-two of the forty-four jewelry designers named finalists were: Martin Key (ME), Dana Melnick (NJ), Hana Schoonveld (NY), Valerie Coulson (PA), Elizabeth & Jack Gualtieri (OR), Roanne Kolvenbach (NY), Karen Mitchell (CO), Andrea Shin (NY), Deborrah Daher (MO), Kristin Hanson (NY), Suzy Landa (NY), Keiko Mita (NY), Diana Widman (IL), Janine DeCresenzo (PA), Alexandra Hart (CA), Stephen LeBlancE. M. Moore (NC), Karin Worden (CA), Devon Driscoll (NY), Marianne Hunter (CA), Kathleen Lynagh House (CA), Mona Mozeico (OR).

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