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Window Shopping: Printemps (Block 1), Paris

I was in Paris from December 26 through the 30 (it was my first time in the City of Lights!) and I was in full tourist mode. With digital camera in hand I happened upon Printemps, or as my friend Lori referred to it “the French Macy’s.” 

One of the many beautiful windows lining Le Boulevard Haussmann in the Ninth Arrondissement.

Well, I don’t know how Parisians would respond to that, especially since Printemps seemed like it was 20 blocks long (it is more like 3, each post is one block of windows, to give some frame of reference) and had stores for women, men, and home, on both sides of the boulevard, but the comparison works for those of us who are unfamiliar with foreign shopping behemoths.


Those that remember my recent JCKstyle Newsletter Article, Blog Post, or Photo Gallery on the holiday 2007 window displays of Fifth Avenue know what’s in store … a ton of pictures. Enjoy!

I hope that those of you who read our humble blog and are independent retail jewelry shop owners can take some inspiration from these windows for your own displays in the future after all, to paraphrase Dave Chappelle, “I love everything the French do, they invented baguettes.”

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This image doesn’t give an adequate re-presentation of the crowd, I assure you, the streets were packed the with people pressing their noses to the glass.

I loved the ornate animatronics of many of the displays. Here’s a shot of the equally intricate workings going on up above the winter wonderland.

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