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Etsy Issues New List of Prohibited Items

Etsy Issues New List of Prohibited Items

Jewelry made out of marijuana leaves, matches, and real body parts can no longer be listed at Etsy, the homemade craft marketplace that’s become a popular source of artisanal jewels.

The site recently issued a new list of items it will now prohibit from being listed. Among them: tobacco and other smokeable products (though incense is acceptable); human remains or body parts (excluding hair and teeth); hazardous materials, including mercury thermometers, matches, and fireworks; as well as drugs, medical drug claims about an item, and drug paraphernalia.

Impacted items would likely include this object.

Etsy has asked sellers who incorporate these items into their products to remove them from the site.

“When it comes right down to it, some things just aren’t in the spirit of Etsy,” a company blog post said. “While we understand that it is possible for certain items to be carefully and legally bought and sold, Etsy is just not the right venue for them.”

Etsy’s blog update with the prohibited items can be seen here. A complete list of prohibited items can be seen here.

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