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5 Memorable Diamond Ad Parodies

By Rob Bates, News Director
Posted on August 8, 2012
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When N.W. Ayer first proposed mass advertising of diamonds in 1938, some worried it would cheapen the product. Obviously, the industry changed its mind in the 90 years since. Still, not everyone has succumbed to the allure of industry commercials. Here are five parodies, deconstructions, and even tributes to diamond ads:

1. Verizon commercial (2010)

During the 1990s, De Beers introduced its Shadows ad campaign. And while it’s been years since it aired, it appears to be quite well-remembered, at least in the minds of people who produce parodies. Consider this surprisingly similar and funny Verizon spoof from 2010:

2. Important Things With Demetri Martin (2009)

In another Shadows send-up, this clip from Demetri Martin’s Comedy Central show takes on not only De Beers’ old advertising but also its former propensity for linking with diamonds with just about every emotional event. Which makes it amusing, if about a decade out of date.

3. Fake Ad/Real Proposal (2010)

In this fake commercial that’s part prank/part sweet-romantic-gesture, New York sketch comedian Michael Terry told his girlfriend that they would be acting out a proposal for a Kay Jewelers commercial. But while the commercial was fake, the ring and sentiment were quite real.

4. Saturday Night Live (2006)

Diamond commercials typically position the product as the ultimate in romance. This Saturday Night Live parody (transcript), which uses the Shadows music, touts a somewhat-less-romantic gift. 

View the ad parody here.

5. Target Women: Jewelry (2008)

And in case there were any industry commercials that haven’t been made fun of yet, this Target Women clip, which originally aired on Current TV, covers just about every diamond ad trope—and even invents a new term: jewelry-face.

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