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Brodkey Brothers Raises $3 Million in Financing

Brodkey Brothers Raises $3 Million in Financing

Salus Capital Partners has provided a $3 million senior-secured working capital facility to Brodkey Brothers, a family-owned and -operated chain of jewelry stores based in the Midwest.

The financing will be used to provide working capital for corporate purposes.

“We are excited about our new credit facility and are looking forward to a great working relationship with Salus Capital Partners,” Sherman Brodkey, president of Brodkey Brothers, said in a statement.

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Hopefully there's no conflict of interest in such an arrangement

When consumers are trained to expect "special treatment" in the form...

Informative blog post, but i think i name is missing here which i use...

Thanks for your comment, Cay! Funny enough, Ringly and Chronos both...

such a bad idea, not romantic, what woman wants to pluck her...