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College Freshman Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of Her Jewelry Business

College Freshman Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of Her Jewelry Business

Taylor Miller, a college freshman at Southern Methodist University in Dallas has been in the jewelry business for nearly 10 years.

Taylor Miller
Miller launched her business, Hazen Jewelry, when she was only 9 years old. It started as a hobby, but then turned into a business, Miller says.
As a young girl, Miller redesigned her grandmothers jewelry by using dental floss. When her mother wore one of her designs out she immediately received compliments and requests from her friends.
Miller then enrolled in jewelry making classes and began selling her pieces at trunk shows.
Millers earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, are now sold in boutiques across the country.

As a marketing major and fashion media minor, Miller balances entrepreneurship with her full-time studies. She even set up an office in Dallas to work closer to her schools campus. Its all about time management, Miller says. Im lucky to have a good relationship with the stores I work with.
While most students look forward to spending summers by the beach, Miller uses school breaks to work on her designs. Since most of her pieces are handmade, Miller works with a jewelry wholesaler in Houston to individually choose stones and colors.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Miller
As her company approaches its 10th anniversary, Miller continues to look toward the future. Id like to tailor my line to a high-end market, she says. One day Id love to expand to New York and Los Angeles.
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