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Hermès Wins $100 Million Counterfeiting Judgment

Hermès Wins $100 Million Counterfeiting Judgment

Luxury goods giant Hermès has won a whopping $100 million default judgment against a group of websites allegedly selling counterfeit versions of its products, including jewelry.

The ruling, entered April 27 by New York federal judge Denise Cote, notes the defendants—“John Doe” owners of 34 websites with names like and—did not appear in court or offer any response to the initial complaint. 

The ruling, which found the defendants liable for cyber-squatting and trademark infringement, orders all money in the defendants’ PayPal accounts to be emptied and sent to Hermès, and permanently transfers all the infringing domain names to Hermès.

It also orders Internet search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to remove the sites from their searches, and for social media sites to stop indexing them.

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