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Improprieties Uncovered at HRD Lab

Improprieties Uncovered at HRD Lab

An internal investigation has uncovered “improprieties” at the HRD lab and now three local companies can no longer use its services, the organization announced April 27.

The investigation’s dossier is being handed over to local legal authorities, an HRD statement added.

The lab previously said that it had fired four graders as a result of what it termed unprofessional acts.

Three diamond firms have been asked to clear their account at HRD Antwerp, but were not specified in the company’s statement.

Georges Brys, HRD Antwerp’s general manager, said the following in a statement:

Our policy for absolutely zero tolerance to any possible irregularity remains firmly rooted in our culture. And this is based on the adherence of the management and staff to the strict ISO and other internal rules. We can now go back to business as usual—strengthened and more determined to give our stakeholders the highest quality product, which will instill trust and confidence in every diamond transaction, which carries our HRD Antwerp certificate.

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