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British Jeweler Launches Facebook Ring Experiment

British Jeweler Launches Facebook Ring Experiment

British jeweler Andrew Geoghegan has launched the “world’s first Facebook ring experiment,” allowing social media users to help with the design process of a ring.

The experiment, which began in early April, allows fans to choose between different design options via Facebook for 12 weeks. At the end of three months, the ring will be created based on the most popular opinions.

So far, consumers have chosen a white-diamond Asscher-cut design. During the experiment, Facebook users are encouraged to comment on, share, and like the ring styles. At the experiment’s conclusion, Geoghegan will select one lucky fan to receive an iPad 3.

“I had no idea this experiment would receive such a great response,” Geoghegan said in a statement.

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When consumers are trained to expect "special treatment" in the form...

Informative blog post, but i think i name is missing here which i use...

Thanks for your comment, Cay! Funny enough, Ringly and Chronos both...

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