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Paul Winston-Eurostar Celebrates 20 Years

Paul Winston-Eurostar Celebrates 20 Years

Paul Winston Fine Jewelry Group started as a diamond wholesaler in 1988. In 1992, after mastering its expertise in the diamond industry, the New York-based company became a manufacturer of diamond bridal jewelry. In June 2003, one of Diamond Trading Co.’s largest sight holders, Dimexon Eurostar, forged a partnership with the company, which then became Paul Winston Eurostar.

Paul Winston-Eurostar is now celebrating its 20th anniversary and its place in the industry as a leader of bridal jewelry. In addition to observing this professional milestone, Isaac Gad, chief executive officer of Paul Winston-Eurostar, is recognizing how the industry has changed since Paul Winston Fine Jewelry Group started in the diamond business.

“It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come,” Gad said. “Our branded collections are recognized throughout the industry, and our quality as a bridal jewelry manufacturer is indisputable. The relationship we’ve fostered with Dimexion Eurostar is a great partnership that has led us down a successful path. This milestone has us looking ahead with excitement about where we will be in another 20 years.”

The company is now carried in 9,000 unique retail outlets, and has gained a 300 percent sales increase since the Eurostar partnership in 2003. Last year alone, the Paul Winston-Eurostar business achieved a 20 percent increase in sales over 2005.

Paul Winston-Eurostar operates turnkey branded collections for various leading retailers. Branded collections such as True Romance and Modern Love are supported by national advertising campaigns, direct mail, point of sale displays, luxury packaging, and sales promotions and incentives.

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